Ashford’s  Dictionary of Industrial Chemicals

Ashford’s Dictionary of Industrial Chemicals is intended for anyone who uses or has an interest in industrial chemicals. The dictionary has 11,187 different entries and information on virtually all of the industrial chemicals used today. It covers plastics, resins, solvents, lubricants, pesticides, drugs, dyes, explosives, curing agents, plastic additives and surfactants, as well as the intermediates used in their manufacture.
The format of the dictionary makes it easy to find information on a particular chemical. It is heavily cross-referenced and linked, enabling the reader to trace the supply chain back to primary raw materials, to search for by-products/co-products, or learn how chemicals are used in downstream applications. Each entry has information on the manu-facturing routes used industrially and the raw materials employed.
The work is in the form of a single pdf file that is 39 MB in size and runs on standard pdf readers such as Adobe Acrobat. It is free to download.
Click here to download the complete file.
It is recommended that the file is downloaded before viewing. A side pane on the left-hand side of each page is used for navigation and is a good place to start - providing the index or bookmark information is shown. This is not always the case with the viewers incorporated in some internet browsers.
A grey box around a name indicates a link to the primary page for that chemical. Clicking these links, as well as the Next and Previous Page buttons, is the easiest way of hopping around the dictionary. The Search function also works, but is slower and not as useful.
Product:  Ashford’s Dictionary of Industrial Chemicals, Fourth Edition, pdf file, ISBN 978-0-9522674-4-7.